Gender and Tourism: Social, Cultural and Spatial Perspectives- New

Carmichael Aitchison, Cara
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Gender and Tourism is the first attempt to provide a comprehensive review of the field of gender studies in the context of tourism. This book thoroughly explores and explains tourism as a cultural site and process in which gender identities are represented through exclusionary places, policies and practices. This volume aims to synthesize, critique and develop the growing but fragmented field of gender and tourism research whilst offering original empirical research and insights into the field. It draws on interdisciplinary international literature that engages with tourism as a cultural, gendered and highly visual phenomenon and the author s previous research on gender and leisure. It analyzes the dynamic nature of gender relations in the complex and contested processes of tourism production, consumption and representation. It offers an original contribution to this area, by situating gender relations of tourism more centrally within a critique of the visual dimensions and significance of tourism, which is a core theme throughout the book."


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