Understanding Syntax- New

Tallerman, Maggie

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Description Review: The fourth edition of Understanding Syntax is a thorough and accessible introduction to the major syntactic concepts and constructions in the world's languages. It is one of the most versatile textbooks I have ever encountered: it provides a solid basis in syntactic typology and theory in a friendly and informal style that works very well for students with no background in linguistics, while also being an eye-opener for students who have studied some syntax but are aware only of patterns and categories that are familiar from European languages. This textbook should be on the reading list for all introductory syntax courses. Mary Dalrymple, Oxford University, UK This new edition is just as sparklingly written as ever; it gives students a real flavour of the richness of the syntax of human languages, as well as a clear, engaging explanation of the fundamental concepts needed to understand this core aspect of language. David Adger, Queen Mary University of London, UK


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